Q: How can I get an answer to a question that is not listed here?

Applies to: All Analyze IQ products and services.

A: Send an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use this Technical Support enquiries form.

Q: Can I build a model from a set of spectrum files that are not in Spectra Manager?

Applies to: Analyze IQ Lab.

A: Yes. Analyze IQ Lab Version 2.0 and later allows you to build a model directly from a folder containing spectrum files.

If you wish to do this with an older version of Analyze IQ Lab, use our free utility SPC2CSV, that can read spectrum files in a variety of formats and prepare a CSV file that is used in Analyze IQ Lab to build models. Full information can be found here.

Q: Can I backup, restore, email and delete Analyze IQ models?

Applies to: Analyze IQ Lab; Analyze IQ Predictor.

A: Yes. It is often useful to be able to backup models, restore previously backed up models, and delete models. You can also use backups to email or transfer models between computers.

Analyze IQ Lab Version 2.0 and later includes a Model Manager, that makes this process simple. Refer to the User Manaual for details.

For organizing models with older versions of Analyze IQ Lab, full instructions can be found here.