Client: A company developing a product for verifying liquid-based prescription drug cocktails.

Objective: For some medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, a custom cocktail of drugs is prepared for each patient. Because of the toxicity of such drugs and the potential risk of prescription errors, final verification of the prescriptions is important. The client had developed a Raman-based system for characterising the drug cocktail, but needed analytical software to verify that all components were correct.

Our Solution: Working with the client, we:

  • Helped them to build a range of Analyze IQ Lab qualitative and quantitative models
  • Assisted the client in integrating Analyze IQ RealTime Desktop Edition into each pharmacy-based device

Result: The client was able to speed up bringing their product to market by using Analyze IQ models to perform chemometric analyses completely automatically in real-time, to:

  • Verify that each expected component of the drug cocktail was present, and no others were
  • Verify that each component was present in the correct concentration.