Client: A company producing a new anti-counterfeit system.

Objective: The client uses mixtures of up to 12 taggants to create a large number of different combinations of different markers for an anti-counterfeiting system, which are characterised using NIR and Mid-IR spectroscopy. Using other software that performs peak-matching, they were unable to identify the presence/absence of each of their taggants with high reliability in these extremely complex mixtures.

Our Solution: Using Analyze IQ Lab, the client was able to build a set of qualitative chemometric models for each taggant and deploy and run these models on a server using Analyze IQ RealTime.


  • The client was able to reliably identify the taggants in complex mixtures
  • They built an instrument using Analyze IQ RealTime Server Edition, for use across a large geographical area by operatives with minimal training to perform anti-counterfeiting tests
  • The solution is highly scalable: adding a new taggant will double the number of mixtures they can make and would double the size of a library to match against, but only requires one more taggant model to be added to Analyze IQ RealTime.

 Reliable taggant identification for anti-counterfeiting