Analyze IQ Limited develops and sells an innovative, patent-protected software suite for analysis of the composition of mixtures, based on molecular spectroscopy data. Analyze IQ uses a new model-driven paradigm for spectral data analysis, with proprietary new machine learning techniques that have been specifically designed for spectral analysis, that is both quicker and more accurate than traditional analysis, and can be used by non-chemometricians in the field. The products have applications in fields as diverse as manufacturing inspection, law enforcement, emergency services, and the pharmaceutical industry.Analyze IQ About

The Analyze IQ software suite forms a platform for the company’s other services, including producing bespoke models for specific applications, and developing customized software solutions for vertical markets.

Analyze IQ Limited was established by Prof. Michael Madden, based on research that he led in the National University of Ireland Galway on machine learning for chemometrics.