With any version of Analyze IQ Lab since Version 2.0, you can now build models directly from a folder containing spectrum files. Refer to the User Manual for details.

Download SPC2CSV

  • - this is the program
  • - samples of the input CSV files, SPC files, and the output CSV file produced 

Import a group of SPC files into CSV format for viewing in Excel or buiding models in Analyze IQ LabConvert Thermo GRAMS SPC, AIQ and CSV spectra to Excel format

What This Does: SPC2CSV reads a list of spectrum files in SPC, AIQ, CSV or TXT format, and imports their data into a single text file in CSV (comma separated values) format, with one spectrum for each row.

The CSV file it generates can be opened in Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

The CSV file is also in a suitable format for use in building a model with

Import - Sample Per Row.

Therefore, this is useful for converting SPC files in Thermo GRAMS format, and files in Analyze IQ's AIQ format, into a text format suitable for opening with Microsoft Excel. 

You might also find it useful when you are upgrading to Analyze IQ Lab from software such as CAMO's Unscrambler, Eigenvector's PLS Solo, Infometrix's Pirouette, or others!  

Update July 2009: The previous version of this utility was written with Matlab, with the result that users needed to download a very large install file, it was extremely slow to run, and it did not work smoothly on all systems. For this updated version, we have rewritten the program completely in Java, using some of the Analyze IQ codebase. It now is faster to download, installs easily, and runs much faster. It also now supports the new Analyze IQ file format (.AIQ).

Update May 2010: Version 4 now supports spectra in SPC, AIQ and simple CSV and TXT formats. Its output now also has higher precision than before (up to 12 significant figures). 

Update Oct 2011: Version 4.1 has some speed improvements and additional informative messages.

Update Jan 2014: Version 4.2 correctly handles SPC files with blank sub-headers, some of which were previously parsed incorrectly.

SPC2CSV Inputs:

  • A CSV file, with each row containing a spectrum file name (SPC, AIQ, CSV or TXT format) and a corresponding value: for building Analyze IQ regression models, the value must be numeric, and for Analyze IQ classification models, the value must be Yes or No
  • The spectrum files named in the CSV file are also required; these must be in the same folder as the CSV file.
Sample input list of spectra for SPC2CSV

SPC2CSV Output CSV file format:

  • First Row: Name of Target, Descriptive Label, list of wavenumbers
  • Other Rows:  Spectrum File Name, Associated Value, list of spectrum values corresponding to wavenumbers
SPC2CSV sample output

To Install SPC2CSV:

  • Download and run the program using the link above
  • You can copy SPC2CSV.exe to an appropriate location on your computer
  • If it does not run, you may need to download Java for free, and follow the instructions to install it.
  • Analyze IQ Lab: importing a data file created with SPC2CSV

Additional Notes:

  • This is a free utility, distributed on an as-is basis, without warranties or licensing restrictions
  • However, if you have problems using it, please contact us and we will always endeavour to help
  • For further information on using a CSV file of spectra to build a model with Analyze IQ Lab, please refer to Section 5.2.2 of the Analyze IQ Lab User Manual.