The Analyze IQ chemometric technology is an ideal fit for applications requiring fast and high-accuracy testing of complex analytes, such as anti-counterfeiting taggants, biomedical diagnostic markers, and process analytical technologies. It is used with all forms of spectral data, including data from spectroscopic techniques such as infra-red (IR), near infra-red (NIR), Fourier transform IR (FT-IR), Raman, x-ray fluorescence (XRF), Mass Spectrometry, LIBS, SERS, and others.

Our technology is designed to permit identification of specific substances in complex mixtures, without any intervention by the end-user, and scales well when testing for multiple markers that may be present in different combinations. Services

We have extensive experience of high-quality software development, and evidenced by our software product range. We can provide you with that experience in:

  • Developing custom software solutions for your application
  • Integrating Analyze IQ RealTime into your software or process: operating on embedded devices, desktop systems, or in a server environment
  • Development of custom interfaces for instrumentation
  • Validation and analysis of your spectroscopy data
  • Bespoke chemometric modelling using Analyze IQ Lab

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